Morning And Evening Skin Care

First, the morning when you wake up your skin, wash with soap and water and dry with a soft towel. After a while, and after drying the skin, clear tonic. Many will be surprised when you look at your face cleared cotton.
 wash your skin with soap and dirty just like cotton. Because soap can wash the dirt over there to reach deep
into the skin to reach tonic. After cleaning your skin with a moisturizing cream for your skin crawl, even if dry skin cream, but not too oily. This morning, your simple skin care protects your skin from external factors and neck throughout the day and gives your skin beauty.

Evening Care

Evening care is similar to the care of the morning. wash with soap, especially before your face and neck, then the tonic or lotion, they do not wipe thoroughly with milk. Do not leave your face foundation or powder residue. Then, apply moisturizing cream to your skin morning to  
use a little more fat. Be sure to choose according to the structure of your skin cream. Yes, that’s all. Simple, cheap and really useful.

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