Moisture Masks For Dry Skin

One of the major complaints against the skin dry with a lot of people are feeling the strain. First of all, to resolve the tension and moisturizing cleansing milk fat is recommended.

 be treated with skin peels when done. Change the appearance of skin rejuvenation peels, make improvements. Careful not to use chemical solutions to act is wise. Face masks should be considered when applying for your eyes and lips do not touch.

* To be recommended primarily for skin wrinkle mask available

One tablespoon unsalted butter
, mixed with a teaspoon of honey is applied and washed after half an hour.
This application is the skin of vitamin A and B, such as the need for quick fixes or prevents .
 Both the boiled milk to prevent sagging  moisturize and put into the daisy. Then strain filtered application-to-face massage is done. Thus, a structure will have your skin moist and will not have the sagging problem.

* To moisturize the skin while another recommended that the application will be made using olive oil and sesame oil. Gauze moistened with warm olive oil, sesame oil and applied to the face.


* Honey Mask
Honey-to-face, and neck region are expected by driving for 15 minutes and washed with warm water.

* Milk and Honey Mask:

Complete will be to wet to the skin of milk and honey is good. Two tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of milk after washing with warm water mixed with gentle massage is applied to fix b, r is the dried.

* Egg and Honey Mask:

Mix egg yolk with a tablespoon of honey and apply to face and neck dry after waiting for fifteen minutes. Then you can take if you use cream.

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