Modern Paper Lamps design

Very recently, the trend goes toward lighting the lamps of paper.You can buy paper lamps in stores or make your own.The modern paper lamps are both trendy, cool, but also sober. It personalizes the following themes, events, or even our mood. Paper lamps are used to decorate our home, but also outside: in the garden, terrace, poolside, balcony. And overnight, the paper lamps design offer a warm sensual and refined. During a happy event like a wedding or engagement, putting paper lamps on the outside is a must for this year. In addition to their design aspect, paper lamps can show the way forward, or use tags to guests not they walk on the lawn. And it is always nice and romantic to see the paths, terrace or balcony decorated with paper lamps. During an evening out, the modern paper lamps soften widely atmosphere. At a reception or a simple dinner with family or friends outside, hang them on trees such garlands, gives a soft mood. About the shape of the lamp, the choices are many: in ball, prism, cube, or other custom shapes, regardless of the form, the important thing is the atmosphere it brings the entire evening.Source

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