Miss Sixty Fall Winter 2011 2012

Miss Sixty is the flagship brand of Sixty Group fashion portfolio (including the brands Energie and Killah), born in 1991.Miss Sixty implements the most recent trends, finest materials, and creates outstanding examples of clothing with visionary styling and fits, and original designs. Miss Sixty will definitely add to the wardrobe of any stylish lady.Miss Sixty’s natural evolution towards a total look includes: footwear, bags, eyewear, jewels and watches. The brand has become more and more a synonym of lifestyle.the Argentinian model and actress Belen Rodriguez continues to style in Miss Sixty Fall Winter 2011-2012 Advertising Campaign. Glamour and fashion, Miss Sixty was the first denim brand to turn unisex jeans into a feminine shape and has grown into one of the largest and most-imitated young labels worldwide. Miss Sixty fall winter 2011-2012 presenting with confidence the leaders of the new collection , created for girls like her, who like to change styles all the time: in addition to jeans for all occasions Elegant sheath dresses, longuette wheel and clothes for the evening, dedicated to the most romantic, the furs to wear with studs and accessories rock, for the most daring, but also classic coats in double-breasted.Miss Sixty  Winter 2012 collection..Miss Sixty for the winter season 2012  offers jeans for all tastes: a cigarette, to paw , inspired by the fabulous 70s , high-waisted jeans or with a low crotch, very street style, but overalls and jackets adorned with pins, studs and zips.

Miss Sixty Fall Winter 2011 2012
Miss Sixty Fall Winter 2011 2012

Power Trousers J2FY00 DL0834 L00Q42 

In Lay Jacket W07700 EP9033 L0000H
Barow Gotic Singlet S33702 JE9152
Heidi Shoes Q01657 LE9635
Miss Sixty Fall Winter 2011 2012

Joopy Trousers :  J2DR00 DL0116 L00R02
Trendy Jacket      W08300 PE9015
Zizi Singlet             S40900 JR0156
Daphne Bag         A00982 XF9070
Lianne Shoes      Q01855 PL9219 
Miss Sixty Fall Winter 2011 2012

Bait Jacket  W08100 PE9013

Miss Lizzy    T-Shirt S24909 JE9187
Short Sara Short J57300 DL0113 L00S42
Nalka Bag A01017 XF9075
Nina Shoes Q01596 SS9285 

Miss Sixty Fall Winter 2011 2012
Miss Sixty Fall Winter 2011 2012

Valnis Over Pullover  ZK7700 MA9A78 L0000H
  Mini Magic Skirt K10600 DL9049 L00Q93
   Heloise Shoes Q01655 LE9635

Superstory Trousers  J2CR01 DL0033 L00Q99

Furry Coat W36700 PE9008
Dandy Gum Shirt X08200 VO9509
Muza Belt A02072 XF9049
Heidi Shoes Q01657 LE9635