Michael Kors Pre-Fall Collection

The fact that fashion is always pretty much ahead no doubt. The fashion is taking the new turns for next year as for as the Michael Kors collection is concerned. So I’m not surprised new published insight into the 2013 pre-fall collection from one of my favorite designers in recent years – Michael Kors, who refer to it as:

“It’s everything from summer weddings to beach sweater what am I going to wear to the People who are actually ready for the winter clothes for cities like San Francisco, where in fact it is cold,” says Kors. “It has to be multipurpose.”

The most popular collections are feminine silhouette, color schemes and leather jacket. Models with buckles highlight the waist. A simple silhouette will flatter you and below the knee length skirt will make you queen.

From the above it is clear that this collection will appeal to a broad group of enthusiasts by offering lacy cardigan and skirt, angora sweaters in freezing weather, narrow pants and woolen coats, the dominated leather gloves and jackets emphasis on the waist area which is highlighted by black tape. The collection also appear sleeves ending just above the elbow, round and clamshell necklines, red lipstick and classic boats to a point. What do you think?

Photos via style.com