Michael Cinco Wedding Dresses Spring Summer 2022

Luxury and sophistication are the DNA of Michael Cinco’s Philippine firm, hallmarks that makes magic in his Spring and Summer 2013, where the bride will feel like a princess in these Michael Cinco wedding gowns. The prestigious collection conspicuously showcases Filipino elegance of the Cinco design. Big skirts, huge tails, crystals and blown highlights, cuts full of glamor and sophistication, make each of your clothes up in a collection. With this collection, Michael Five reaffirms the importance of the wedding dress is at weddings. You like it?

Now that Michael Cinco Sofia Vergara has just presented his 2013 collection, his best wedding dresses to date, anyone planning a wedding this year is sure to love it. Cinco strikes again with a magnificent collection, which has unique wedding dresses and designs for different styles of brides.

This year’s Michael Cinco designs showed a number of beautiful dresses that come with the best trends for a new bride and her bridal party. The 2013 collection is divided into several categories of dresses, depending on whether you want a contemporary or more traditional style, and whether you want to hold your ceremony indoors or outdoors. Cinco spares no opportunity to introduce cutting edge style into his designs while still maintaining a classical elegant feel to his wedding dress lines.

The top trends in this year are the transparencies of illusion lace in the back, shoulders, chest and sleeves. Lace and embroidery may also be implemented in various other parts of the dress and especially in the skirt, floral details and items in the shoulders, as well as semi-transparent layers of very thin fabric. Cinco dresses embrace the tasteful showing of skin, or just teasing with a little see-through lace here and there.

As for the silhouette, we see several styles from the fuller, more traditional wedding dress styles, that can also be thought of as the “princess style”. This Greek-inspired style, perfect for a more extravagant wedding ceremony, features embroidery, lace and transparencies in the chest, sleeves and back. And the full dress style makes them the perfect wedding dresses for winter 2013.

Each of these dresses has unique for each bride feel like a dream, as Michael Cinco wedding dresses are characterized by the enhancing of the female figure and giving you a sophisticated, elegant and above all very romantic experience. Cinco dresses will hug your form where it matters, while fluffing or draping in other areas in order to provide the most pleasing silhouette of your figure. When you show up in a Michael Cinco wedding dress, any jitters your groom is feeling will vanish because he will instantly know he is doing the right thing.

No matter whether you want to knock your guests down with a bold new style or keep things close to home by staying with the classics, Michael Cinco has a wedding dress for your personal style and preferences. With the bride and her bridal party in Cinco wedding dress designs for 2013, your wedding guests will not notice anything else. You may as well fire the wedding planner. Photos via – michaelcinco.com.