Melanie Lyne Summer Collection 2022

The Melanie Lyne Summer 2013 Collection has several things in this year for Summer. There is a dress that has circle lace pattern with 4 leaf clover shapes mixed with the circles that is a golden yellow color and looks very summery. It is not a long dress, but comes just above the knees. It doesn’t have sleeves, so you won’t feel hot on a hot day. For a cooler day and if you want to wear this, a white vest would go nicely with this and white flats would look even better when paired with this dress.

There is another dress that is a brilliant floral pattern with large splashy colors of large flowers, like hibiscus and so on. There are other colors splashed into the pattern as well. A moderately lower neckline and sleeveless, it is great for a hot summer day. If the day has a cool or cold breeze, or is generally a cooler day, you can also get a white vest and drape it over, leaving the vest open at the front and wear white flats or blocky white shoes with this dress.

Melanie Lyne dress presentation three has a high neckline, but is sleeveless and on cooler days, same, an open white vest would work with this too. This has several various swaths of color in a downward direction. These broad swaths consist of black, apple green and yellow on a white background with a yellow band wrapped horizontally below the waist and under that is apple green. Works well with white flats or white sandals.

A coral dress by Melanie Lyne is on Presentation four. This has smaller flower print in orange with a white backdrop. There are slight sleeves, unlike the previous ones mentioned, so you will have more shoulder coverage. It seems to me rather a vintage print than a very modern one. That is still OK as vintage is still in these days. Orange or white flats or chunky shoes would go well with this.

Melanie Lyne summer new arrival has a sleeveless optical print dress that has black circles on a triangle white background as well as the opposite triangle areas being black with baby blue circles. The circles are various sizes, so it seems like an optical trick for the eyes. Black flats would go with this dress, if not baby blue ones to match the blue spots.

There is a white office suit for women that would look great for the office. Long sleeves, but you may still need that for cold office air conditioning and to have that professional look needed for the office when it isn’t casual wear day. White shoes would go well with this particular suit for work.

Several selections are here for work and other things. These clothing choices by Melanie Lyne will be gorgeous for summer 2013. Most of these dresses are great for casual clothing day at the office. If it isn’t casual day at the office, the white suit stated last would be a great one for summer office wear.