Melanie Lyne New Arrivals Collection 2022

If you’re a discerning buyer, who’s looking for clothes with a sophisticated twist, we’ve got your answer. The Melanie Lyne Collection offers the designer fashions and brand labels you’ve been searching for. With exclusive private labels and quality clothing for all occasions, you can’t go wrong when you shop these stores.

Melanie Lynn has a wide variety of collections, all with a fashion forward flair. Whether you’re looking for career wear, stunning evening wear, outerwear, or choices for a casual lifestyle, you’ll find the perfect solution to your fashion needs.

While Melanie Lyne is interested in selling clothes, they care what happens after the sale as well. To make sure a customer is happy with the garment, Melanie Lyne’s website offers instructions on how to care for and clean high quality clothing.

For fashion tips you can go to their, Ask Our Stylist, column, and another helpful offering is the, Flatter Your Figure, section. Here patrons can find fashion advice on how to buy the perfect clothes for any figure type. Here’s an excerpt from this fun and informative site.

If your shoulders appear narrow in comparison to your hips, use your clothing to create a more balanced silhouette. You can minimize attention to the hips and draw attention to the shoulders with a few simple tricks.

  • Wear light, bright colors on you upper torso, and stick to muted or darker shades on the lower half of your body.
  • To draw the eye upward, choose clothing with lots of interest in the upper body. Look for tops with interesting necklines, ruffles, lapels and cowl neck sweaters, as well as horizontal stripes.

The stylist goes on to offer lots of interesting tips for women of every shape and physique. Clearly, Melanie Lyn cares about its customers. This is a quality store with premium clothing and a notable interest in customer satisfaction.