Manolo Blahnik Shoes Summer-2011

This season Manolo focused on a few vivid ideas and inspirations which  resulted in a very colourful collection..For Summer 2011 fashion season the designer offers us a few new styles you might like. Some are chic and classic, others are more casual and comfy. Lots of choices, but every pair is perfection of its own.Women’s Sandals Stiletto / High Heels 2011. Manolo Blahnik, who is a consummate designer women’s shoes, as always presented a diverse and colorful collection. But to buy sandals from Manolo Blahnik will be very difficult, as his shoes includes a number of handmade that does not allow a large number of shoes. At the moment the factory Manolo Blahnik produces about 90 pairs of shoes a day. The collection of Manolo Blahnik has always viewed as a desire to build a glamor and originality to a new level, but the emphasis is on elegance, originality and elegance. Manolo Blahnik Shoes Summer 2011 collection. This is Manolo Blahnik designs. (Source :Manolo Blahnik ).