Makeup Ideas

makeup techniques and colors compatible with each other you will feel great.

Before you begin to make up your skin clean and moisturize skin type cream. Hairstyle and clothes will give you ideas on how to make pre-determine the makeup.
Skin acne, scars and stains off the traces kullamaya Take care concealer matches your skin color. If you have dark circles eye off in the form produced exclusively for use lipstick.
Glamorous Pink
Apply the golden lamp with your finger on the eyelids. Your eyelids up over your eyebrows to a ton of dark chapter in your skin color powder crawl. According to the color of a pen to fill in gaps in your eyebrows kaşlarınızdaki. As dots on a single line instead of paint for a natural look.
Curl your lashes curl carefully. Eye makeup and mascara to complete the two-fold.
Apply blush to your skin glow and bronze your cheeks and cheekbones.
Bright pink lip gloss to your lips to complete your makeup.

Smooth Appearance
Far brush lightly wet the inside of your eyelids white shadow crawl. Gölgelendirin farla moving part of the pink eyelids.
Spice up your cheeks blush pink.
Curl your lashes curl carefully. Eye makeup and mascara to complete the two-fold.
Spice up your lips, saying rose lipstick.

Ocean Breeze
The inner edges of your nose close to the emerald green of your eyes crawl far. Outer ends of the eyebrows by applying the correct light pink lights illuminate. The blue eye pencil lower and upper regions of the frame of your eyes. Gently apply eye shadow on the blue pencil.
Curl your lashes curl carefully. Eye mascara twice

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