Make-Up Mistakes

Make-Up Mistakes

Hello Dear Girls make up most of the make-up when you find errors in this article, and we are committed to correct mistakes as girls!
Outside shot lip liner, was about to explode squeeze acne, exaggerated eye make-up … These are just some of the mistakes frequently made beauty.
Fashion güzelleştirmekten very last, and the woman, now it’s time to get rid of this error I think çirkinleştiren!

Her hair cut!
Could not figure a kind of hair, the complainant. One day, head into the hands of corruption and taking on the scissors. A little bit more than saying, well look at a hair flew is gone!
In this case: either a very cool attitude, friends, “AAAA! This is very fashion hairstyle now, or do not know about you? “Say, or a loooong time wherever you go, hat roam.

What should do?
Hairdressers insist on the go, then get help from a friend. Düzse hair and your friend can try this trust. But do not administer or something do not try and shape your hair!

A big impact on small tricks
Sivilcelerini spin!
Is it possible to do it now? On the morning of the party waiting for days, looking at your chin in a huge pimple! A lethal blow is coming from within him. And tırnaklarınla. Then, this innocent, acne, and her face turns into a huge monster takes up the full. So go ahead and let the party!

What should do?
Make-Up MistakesAcne talcum powder mixed with lemon on the ride and let stand until the evening. Thus, the growth of acne can block more.
Bright red lipstick, riding!
We know, a really sexy red lipstick! But if the teeth are very impulsive and can look to one side to be sexy if it is not dramatic enough.

What should do?
Necessarily want to use red lipstick, try a little more soft tones.
Peach red light near the appropriate eye makyajıyla goes very well.