Louis Vuitton Women’s Bags 2022: Putting Fashion over Your Shoulder

We all love buying purses, whether we need a new purse or not. These permanent attachments to our bodies are not just bottomless pits to lose our credit cards in, they are an extension of our personality. This year master bag designer Louis Vuitton offers us another excuse to redefine who we are by going out and purchasing one more (or two, or twelve) of his 2013 bags.

Here are a few of the highlights of Vuitton’s Spring Summer 2013 offerings, and I dare you to stay away:

The Louis Vuitton Delightful Monogram PM is a beautiful dark brown bag with shiny golden brass hardware that paints an elegant picture with a light form factor. The bag features an interior pocket with zipper, provides a ring designed to hang keys from and the purse closes with a snap hook. The monogram exterior and striped liner give the purse a classical vintage look. This bag is sweet.

The Louis Vuitton Alma PM offers a stylish combination of style and function. The bright orange leather bag has the overall look of the medical bags doctor’s used to make house call with, but sports the feminine beauty of a Vuitton masterpiece. Two zippers seal the bag, reinforced with a padlock. This bag is perfect for traveling as it has plenty of space and comes with an ID tag. But with its fashionable 1960s look, you can match it with your miniskirt and take it shopping.

For Louis Vuitton crossbody bags, there are few as stylish and beautiful as the Speedy Bandoliere 30. Featuring a brown, monogrammed cowhide body and easily-adjustable straps, you can’t go wrong with the room this big provides for you. Take it on an overnight visit or a long trip and you will impress your friends and family with this bag’s styling and capacity.

And these are just a few of the options for you to drool over in your mad quest for new Louis Vuitton handbags for Spring Summer 2013. And while you’re at it, keep your eyes open for this year’s Vuitton Cruise collection. There’s no better time to be a girl with some spending money!