Look Hot and Stay Cool in This Year’s Swimwear 2013

We all love to hit beach or hang out around the pool to cool off and get some sun. But face it ladies, why do we really like the summer time? We want to show off the bodies we have been working on all year. And what better way to do that than to jump in our favorite swimsuit for some fun in the sun. And for swimwear 2013 is looking to bring all the classics to the fore, with some hot twists to keep things interesting.

As always, the tried and true one-piece swimsuit is still making a splash this year. The great thing about the one-piece design is that it allows your entire midsection to serve as a canvas for the snazzy designs or beautiful color combinations, depending on your taste. This year neon is a returning fashion, and this holds true for the one-piece swimsuit. But this enduring swimsuit style comes in all the wild or cool colors and patterns you have grown to love over the years.

Of course the favorite swimsuit for many years now has been the bikini and swimwear for 2013 is no different. Bikinis are great because they allow you to get tanned over a larger portion of your body. But that also means that because more skin is showing, you will want to find a swimsuit color or pattern that compliments your skin tone. Contrast is key to showing off your new suit, so if you are lighter in tone you will want to choose bikini colors that lean toward the darker range. Likewise, a darker or tanned skin tone may want to consider something with brighter colors such as orange or red. It is usually best to avoid white, though unless you are feeling risque. White tends to become see-through once it gets wet.

Then there are the hybrid styles that mix the bikini and the one piece. These come in all varieties of styles that cover more or less of your body depending on what you are going for. The smaller hybrids come with a bikini bottom with a top that can resemble a tank top, or ties a knotted material around your upper body. For more coverage, you can find styles that are essentially a one-piece with some of the sides cut out. Finally there are suits that even include a skirt for the more modest swimmer.

For swimsuits 2013 will be the year to take a chance and try something new. It is turning out to be one of the warmest years we have had in a while, and that means there will all that much more time to break out the swimwear and to get out into the sun.