Lips And Lip Makeup

First, clear the bar overflowing parts and then sink and stains and paint a piece of cotton off the tip of the rod, powder, lipstick refresh.

Could ride a little powder foundation to your lips before applying lipstick. Apply a coat of lipstick, put a tissue over your lips to get the press off between the two lips, apply the 2nd floor.

shining teeth    
Not a bad image, but very easy to measure: your lipstick, take your thumb and then put your mouth (such as children’s finger-absorbed), and your lips tightly closed. Fingers will be more than your lipstick.
Lipstick to highlight

Stick with all the color from your lips with a lip pencil lipstick follow after painting. You will get more specific and striking color.


Glosy Lips
Many non-permanent lip parlatıcılarının, instead of the lips, apply petroleum jelly. Both the brightness will be more permanent, as well as write your lip sun, the cold of winter will be preserved.

Very natural to look

Choose a lipstick color of your lips is very close to the natural kırmızısına. Only the lower lips and lipstick lips could ride each other off and tighten the handle. Top your lips with the tip of your finger and gently release last lipstick

Give your lips to the desired shape
Plump thin lips

   If you want to show that the thinner lips:

– Lip slightly crawl foundation.
– Your lips, a lip pencil  appropriate color natural line of your upper lip just below the lower lip just above the surround.
– Apply your lipstick on the lips of adhering to the new line. Matte lipsticks prefer. If you apply lipstick with a brush will get better results.
Chubby plump your lips, your lips that you want to show people:

– Your lips, a lip pencil rujunuza appropriate color over the natural line of full surround.
– Apply your lipstick on the lips of adhering to the new line. Use bright colors and clear. Reduces the volume of dark lip colors. If you must use dark colors, the center of your lips apply a lighter color or gloss.

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