Latest Baby Clothes Trends 2012

Baby Clothes 2012; Perhaps the baby clothes one of the most disturbing things that in the selected in new year 2012, Each one of us wishes to be the most beautiful clothes can be seen that the baby is considered the most beautiful thing for him. Let us know the latest fashion trends 2012 in the world of baby clothing. Where do you start? Buying baby clothing can be tricky business, especially for first time mums, there are so many baby Clothes and outfits to choose from! I know I had a difficult time and made some blunders with my purchases along the way.Warm and fuzzy fashion for your cute babies.

Arizona shirt ($10; Jace sweater ($54; Koala Kids pants ($19: Babies ‘R’ Us stores), Robeez booties ($36:

Felt rosette ($6: cocopenny.coml. headband (two-pack, $6; Beatrix jumper ($62; Harajuku Mini tutu skirt ($17; Girly lace socks, as legwarmers ($9; Mary Jane ($32;

Baby, It’s cold outside

Quilted waistcoat with hood ($30;, zip-neck sweater ($20;, Squeeky Knees jeans ($60;, sweater cuff boots ($25;

Santa baby

Fur trapper ($25,, Biscotti Cardigan ($53; Haven Girls Chole Skort ($52;, Harajuku Mini leggings (part of set, $19;, Natasha shoes ($32;

Sliver Bells

Dream dot hat ($36;, Arizona shirt ($12;, Puffy Coat ($104;, Arizona cargo pants ($22;, Xavier shoes ($46;

Visions of Sugar Plums

Lamb hat ($28; btabtakids.corn). Bow tee ($13; oldnavycoml. Mia silk skirt (S99; stella, tights ($10; pediped.coml, Penny shoes {$39;

A Little Drummer Boy

Harajuku Mini Newsboy hat ($10; Koala Kids jacket ($13; Babies ‘R’ Us stores), shirt ($27;, Personalized Drum Superstar one-piece ($28; distressed jeans ($20; otdnavy.coml. Kai shoes ($44;

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