Julianne Moore Fashion Style

Julianne Moore’s status as one of the greatest actresses-make that movie stars too has made more than 50 films,clocked up four Oscar nominations, posed nude for Bulgari and found time to pen a couple of children’s books.
Julianne pulled off the high-fashion angle effortlessly,but also brought a fragility no script can spell out. she is the first women’s ready-to-wear Yves Saint Laurent gown since his Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent days in the mid-2000s ,with a tantalisingly closed -doors preview,she agreed to model.
Julianne Says:” i don’t like fifties clothes.i wear them in movies,or they appear on the runway, ladylike waists and all that.,i hate them on me ,because i have no waist. i go straight up and down. she is like crazy looking rings withe elaborate stones.this some of her fashion style,…Have a look: