Ikea Cabinets 2013 Come In Several Styles

Ikea cabinets come in several styles. Some are more utilitarian than others; still, they remain presentable, be they utilitarian or more decorative. IKEA cabinets has been covered all your needs for a stylish home or office with different styles storage cabinets such as; IKEA office cabinets, kitchen cabinets, wall cabinets, bathroom cabinets. So let’s get inside and see more details.

The Ikea PS series cabinets are rather utilitarian in style. Made of steel, one resembles a locker from high school and another resembles an oddly contorted configuration of such a locker where the said locker was “fattened and widened” in size and shape. This one comes in red or white.

The Ikea PS 2012 cabinet is somewhat more laboratory styled than industrial style. This would give a more scientific atmosphere to a room unless you add other accessories and furniture to the room to adapt it to sci-fi futuristic.

Another cabinet is a glass enclosure for displaying collectibles. Called the Fabrikor, this is a glass door and glass surrounded cabinet. Steel frame, but with 2 glass shelves, this is to show knick-knacks, such as precious Austrian crystal or figurines or whatever you can use it for.

There is a cabinet called the Isala cabinet. More vintage of styling than others, this would be suited in a country chic décor room than it would in a contemporary or modern room. You could make it fit into these other categories of rooms if you know how to fix it so that it can work out that way. The Isala cabinet comes in blue or white.

The Ikea Stockholm cabinet has a circle glass area in the front door. This cabinet comes in a black wood grain finish. The doors have an integrated damper for soft closing and not the slams that can happen when this is not present.

The Hemnes cabinet has tempered glass on its doors for safety and has a glass shelf in the cabinet, about four glass shelves and a white shelf in this. It is made of pine with white stain. Several of these cabinets require assembly, as most Ikea furniture requires assembly.

There are several styles of Ikea cabinets that range from the modern and even very much warehouse industrial like to country chic. There are a range of styles to choose from. The one mentioned, the Stockholm cabinet would fit a very modern setting as its round window in the doors would lend a geometrical shape to this home décor choice.

Fabrikor and even blended with the PS series of ikea cabinets since they are all metal would look great in a warehouse loft or places where you would use metal furniture. If you like the industrial look, these would look great with an industrial décor.

Chic country décor can be made by using the Isala cabinet with country and shabby chic accessories and country and vintage items. Any accessories that are rustic and also vintage would make this cabinet look very much like Grandma’s cabinet, though it is new and also without all of the dings that an old cabinet would have. The blue or white lend a beautiful hand to the making of a chic and country space for your house, where ever you use it. Enjoying the photos below – via ikea – For more information about IKEA cabinets you can visit ikea.com.

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