Ideas for Updating Your Kids Room 2013

Some people wonder why the rest of us like to redecorate our homes once in a while. The answer is simple. We like a change of pace. We get tired of looking at the same old walls and furniture day in and day out. But that also applies to our kids. A change of setting can really help you come out of a rut, even if the changes are small ones. Here’s some kids room decor ideas to help pull your kids out of the doldrums.

The modern kids room is not all that much than what we grew up in. When you start thinking about kids room ideas, keep it simple. Kids room furniture should provide adequate function while still leaving plenty of space for the kids to have some breathing room.

When thinking of kids room paint ideas, remember that a lot of the paint will often never be seen. Kids are notorious for covering their walls with posters of their favorite musicians, movies or video games. And kids room wall decals allow them to personalize their room even more. Make sure to ask them what colors they would be interested in, since they are the ones who will be staring at those walls more than you will.

Kids room rugs are essential if their rooms are not carpeted. But you want to make sure that the rugs are easily cleanable because you will find that the kids are terrible for bringing drinks and snacks into the room. The more active they are, the more likely they will spill something on the rugs, bed and carpet. When it comes to kids, function always trumps style.

Kids room 2013 designing is very easy, because most of the time kids will do most of the designing themselves as they collect the things they love and identify with. As kids grow up, they find ways to establish their identities which is great for you, because that’s one less room where you have to play designer.

In the photos below – via pinterest – you will find some of kids rooms ideas from famous brands such as; Bob’s Furniture, Istikbal Furniture, and many more…Enjoying.

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