Herbal Spa

The aim of this practice, groups of  active substance to be absorbed into the skin. Linen or gauze into a sac filled with a mixture of plants or plant. With a rope connected to the mouth of the sac for 10-15 minutes (35 to 38 degree temperature) is expected to dissolve the bath water. If you previously developed a medicinal tea can add up to one liter of warm water-filled bathtub. More sonra10-15-minute stop at the water, is resting for an hour after leaving.

For muscle aches: 25 gr. rosemary, 25 gr. lavender, 25 gr. marjoram, 25 gr. shepherd’s purse.

Preparation: Herbs till it into the sac tulle or linen, bath tub full of water is left for the prepared. Peeling, removed out and wait 15 minutes. Sitting on the water for 10-15 minutes. One hour is recommended.

Relaxing, soothing waters: 3 tablespoon medical chamomile, geranium leaves, 3 tablespoons chopped, 3 tablespoons lime flowers, 3 tablespoons of lavender flowers.

Preparation: Plants tulle or linen pouch filled into the tub filled with hot water is placed, removed out and wait 15 minutes. Stop at the water for 10-15 minutes, then resting for an hour is. Lavender bath tea, then drinking.

Mist therapy: applied medicinal teas Upon inhalation of vapor, the upper respiratory tract generally relaxing, exhilarating;  inflammation is used as a distributor.

Sinusitis complaints: 50 gr. medical chamomile and  water

Preparation: Boil the water, is added to chamomile. The head and chest with a towel wrapped, eyes closed, inhaling steam for 10 minutes is.

Living baths: In this way, the user gynecological diseases (genital inflammation, menstrual pains), are applied to diseases such as pelvic pain, and hemorrhoid. Medical daisy living room, urinary tract inflammations, hemorrhoids, and female diseases yarrow can be used. In practice, a basin filled with three liters of water, half-liter plant is added, the basin sits for 10 minutes.

Against hemorrhoids: 2 tablespoons yarrow, 5 cypress cone (must be unopened cypress cones, green, collected), 500 ml. liters of drinking water

Preparation: 500 ml of cypress cones. are put into the water and left to simmer. People trapped under the stove and then boiled for 15 minutes. Boiled water, added to yarrow. Dem seven minutes, chill filtered. The sink is filled with hot water.  water is added to the solution. Toilet seat cover off and placed on the pelvis. (To prevent damage to the basin while sitting, may be preferred to those made of copper material.) Sitting in water for 5-10 minutes until. Applied once daily in the evening. During this time, and tea may be preferred.

Mouthwashes: Herbal teas, mouth sores, ulcers, dental pain, sore throat and gum infections can be used for. Gargle a few times by rinsing the mouth is required. Medical chamomile tea several times a day is recommended for canker sores. Mouth sores are not recognized medicinal plant  is good enough. Prepared for the tea leaves of sage remedy for inflammation of gum disease is.

Compress: Wounds, inflammation, a method for acne. Medicinal tea is prepared, this tea is immersed in a clean cheesecloth, then wrapped in cheesecloth and left to dry in the area disturbed.

To resolve Skin spots: 8-10 pieces of silvery  flowers / a glass of water

Preparation: The flowers placed in pot, a cup of boiling water is poured on. The prepared mixture is spread skin pigmentation.

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