Hand Care Solution

We often forget to do the treatment on hand.  This is because we are more focused to treat the body which we think is important as the face and hair. Whereas treatment is necessary because of the hand has many functions in the activity everyday. Hand are more susceptible to dust and dirt that will cause various diseases if cleanliness is not observed. Especially for a woman,hand is one of the most valuable asset of the body. Hygiene and health hand is very important to be maintained.
Hygiene and health hand is very important to be maintained. All women would want a smooth and soft hands.Because the hand is one of the members of the body is decorated by accessories such as rings. And it could not be obtained if  the hand is not treated routinely. 
Do simple maintenance below so you can do it at home on a regular basis:
-hand-washing with clean water after doing daily activities
-use a special soap to hand because soap for the body it is different with soap for hands, feet, and face.
-use a special liquid soap for cleaning hands.Because soap is used for the body, Unlike the soap for hands, feet,  and face.
-After that wear the lotion for hand skin smooth and maintained its moisture.
-select soap for washing dishes is appropriate for the type of  hand skin because if it does not fit then it will  cause skin allergies and hands so rough
-Avoid washing clothes using a hand but if it does not have a washing machine, choose a detergent that in accordance

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