Best Hair Trends 2022

2022 seems to introduce several changes. 2022 hair trends for women include hair dye, hair styles and haircuts. Women related things keep on changing with the passage of time.

There have been years in the past when completely new hair trends were introduced whereas there were some years when slight modification in the hair trends were introduced.

2013 Hair Trends for Women

this year where entirely new hair trends seem to take place in the hair styling category. New hair dyes, hair styles, haircuts and hair accessories to make women appear more beautiful and up to date.

2013 Hair Trends for Women

2022 Hair Color Trends

Pastel color dyes are going to gain further acceptance by the women in 2022. Pastel color dyes are expected to make a permanent stay in women’s hair styling range. Purple and sparkling pink are expected to be welcomed by majority of the women.

2013 Hair Trends for Women

In haircuts, short edgy hair cuts will be common among women around the world. Braids seem to get more common in 2022 hairstyles. All kinds of braids will be seen this year not only in parties but in everyday life as well.

2013 Hair Trends for Women

Messy braids, red hair color, vintage curls, smokey & sandy hairstyles and beach waves are some of the hair trends expected to be prevalent in 2022.

In the photos below – via Pinterest – you will find some of the best hairstyles including latest celebrity hairstyles. For more information about latest women’s hairstyles you can take a look at Short Bob Hairstyles, Chic and Easy Party Hairstyles, Medium Length Haircuts.

2013 Hair Trends for Women 2013 Hair Trends for Women 2013 Hair Trends for Women 2013 Hair Trends for Women 2013 Hair Trends for Women 2013 Hair Trends for Women

The season’s catwalks have been awash with gorgeous, playful, feminine hair trends, we have rounded them all up in one easy-to-follow guide for instant inspiration, immediately allowing you to tame your tresses like a Hollywood starlet.

Ombre Hair

Hair Styles 2012 Trends | Hairstyles 2012

This progression from the previous staple ‘dip dye’ trend is an updated, more natural way of creating a seamless blend from your root shade to the color on the ends of your hair.

Initially more statement and high impact in finish, this time around the trend is becoming more beautiful and far more delicate. Keep your make up style simple and striking to enhance the rock and roll intensity of this look.

Fringe Benefits

Hair Styles 2012 Trends | Hairstyles 2012 Hair Styles 2012 Trends | Hairstyles 2012

Chart topper, Christina Perri demonstrates how to wear the feminine, side fringe perfectly; coupled with soft, girly waves this hair trend gives any wearer an instant dash of grown-up glamour.

Which fringe style will suit you is a question of trial and error; to maintain this look, remember to fix with a flexible hairspray. Why not experiment with clipping your longer fringe into a stylish quiff or French braid? The options are endless!

Glamorous Grey

Hair Styles 2012 Trends | Hairstyles 2012

One of the most unique hair trends to have emerged in recent months seems to have turned our society’s obsession with youth on its head… literally!

Finding your first grey hair might send the fear of God into some of us, but with a whole movement of grey-haired celebrities and models walking the runway, going grey gracefully is becoming a little easier to swallow.

If you’re still apprehensive, why not give the trend a go with a subtle grey streak or start with an icy blonde like Kelly?

Extreme Pixie

Hair Styles 2012 Trends | Hairstyles 2012

Taking the plunge and trimming your flowing locks into this on-trend, pixie style is about the most extreme image change on offer.

Perfect for the upcoming summer months, this risky yet elegant look is approved by fashionistas worldwide; be sure to ask your hairstylist for a short, soft, wispy-layered cut with enough length to allow for a face-framing fringe in the front – or take your favorite celeb-inspired pixie picture with you for a reference!