Hair Handle With Care Tips By Doreen Guarneri

Hair handle with care tips by Doreen Guarneri. There are so many options available now regarding cost and lifestyle such as clip-in or tape-in extensions, heated seal applications, and/or bead attachments—all providing very different effects, longevity and costs.  It’s important for your customers to know how to care for their investment. Doreen Guarneri, owner of The Look Salon and Global Creative Director for Simply Smooth, offers some helpful tips to share with your clients.

1-USE CONDITIONER CAREFULLY: “Conditioners should never be sprayed near the attachment such as the scalp area because it can loosen it. Try Simply Smooth Keratin Replenishing Magic Potion to maintain the quality of the hair extensions. At night recommend to your clients to put their hair into a loose braid so it doesn’t tangle.”

2-COMB AND BRUSH WITH CARE: “I recommend picking up the hair in your hands into a ponytail and comb from the bottom up-never combing at the scalp area.”

3-BLOW DRY WITH EASE: “Use only boar-bristle brushes as they are most gentle.”

4-WATCH THE HEAT WHEN FLATIRONING: “Be sure not to have the temperature too high. I suggest 375 degrees depending on the hair texture.

Hair Handle With Care Tips By Doreen Guarneri

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