Hair Color Trends 2017

Color is the spice of life.  Make yourself a color muse and experiment with the latest styles and trends in hair color for 2017. We have seen some of the most outrageously gorgeous hair color experiments in the past year, and 2017 doesn’t seem to be shaping up any less tamed than the previous year.  From blue highlights, to neon pinks, greens, magenta, baby blues and florescent green, we have seen it all. The stars have wowed us with their risky hair color tactics and it’s safe to say, the crazy color trend is now a part of regular hair styles.  The most important thing you should do is decide on a color to suit your skin type and hair type.

The Blue Trend

The most recent celebrity seen to be sporting this look, is Kim Kardarshian’s younger sister Kylie Jener.  She looked beautiful in this trend as she dabbed on a wad of potent royal blue hair dye, to her jet black locks.  Otherwise, some persons have gone as far as dying their eyebrows to this color which seem to be taking hold rampantly.  Another variant of the color craze is turquoise blue, which is great for lighter hair colors.

Brown & Blonde Hair

Solid blonde is a thing of the past.  The new trend has proven that many women are opting to have a mix of color in between those platinum blonde strands to lift the texture of the hair.  You should try this adventurous look.  Jenifer Lopez is known for this look.

Brown & Gold

Nothing gives dark brown hair a little lift, like that beautiful gold color. This would especially if you have beautifully colored hazel brown or green eyes.  Paste your hair with thin streaks of gold blonde to give your face a lift in 2017.

Red & Brown

These two colors go together even in clothing, but for 2017, why not give your hair a brand new look with a touch of red in your brown hair or brown in your red hair.  You will see that a more profound tone of red appears as you carefully couple it with little brown tinges of color.

Butter Colored

2017 has seen an upsurge and popularity of butter or platinum.  The color is extremely popular among younger girls in their late teens to early twenties.  The luminous gold color, which resembles wheat brings warmth to a very pale face.

Copper Colored

There are so many of you who fall into this category.  By far, this color has to be the hardest color to work with after jet black hair, without having to throw in some hair bleach to strip away natural color. Copper colored hair looks incredibly stylish when washed, clean and shimmering in the sun light.  This color is right on trend and its lovely as it gives the perfect look of brass, which is especially pleasing on a fair skinned person.  Dark shades of contrast don’t always have to be dull, as it can also bring your hair back to life after those summers filled with chlorinated pools, sun damage and excessive heat damage.  The copper is a great option for the modest woman.

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