Hair Color 2011

Fashion is changing and it’s time to change the natural color of hair, the brighter, more pronounced colors. Modern dictators of fashion agreed that the bright hair is not easy to fashion, and the need of modern man. 
The color of hair will be fashionable in 2011 Want to be a brunette, then choose black, tinged with blue. Next year is fashionable coal black hair. Keep in mind that black will add you to a few years – will look older than his years. Bluish color calls attention to itself, leading the eye from an asymmetric facial features. Prefer to be blonde? 
Then dye your hair white. It is in white, like a white sheet of paper. No mouse, and yellow hues. You have to look like a queen, with white hair. In 2011, the white should be white. Consider the most beautiful red and do not want to change the color of their magic? 
Then, bright red, fiery red at your service! You will instantly stand out from the crowd – you will be noticed by many. Men are not indifferent to the red-haired. Keep up with fashion, then follow the recommendations outlined above. Create your own colorful and unique image! Be bright and noticeable, do not stay in the shade. Self-presentation requirement in 2011.


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