Gelish Magneto Gel Polish and Nail Lacquer

Gelish Magneto Gel-Polish and Nail Lacquer. Explore the laws of attractive with Gelish Magneto, a collection of EFX Magnetic Gel-polish and Nail Lacquer that instantly transforms your manicure from normal to extraterrestrial. The metallic particle enriched nail colors fuse with the magnet to create nail art that is truly a force to be reckoned with. The two easy to apply formulas are currently available in six unique attractive shades.

Magneto is a Gelish EFX Magnetic Gel-Polish that is simply hard to resist. This attention getting Gel-Polish manicure, uses the law of Attractive and the law of Durability. It creates stunning nail art EFX in minutes that last and last.

How does Gelish Magneto work? Gelish the patent pending, award winning Gel-Polish has been uniquely formulated with metallic particles to create that one of a kind nail pattern. It’s mesmerizing different on every woman.

Before curing, hold the magnet over the nail, the iron powder in the Gel-Polish will move aimlessly toward the magnet creating a magnifying design! for more info you can visit

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