Fun Blonde Hair Suggestions

Have you ever wondered if it’s true that blondes have more fun? Or if you are a blonde, are you getting the most from your hair? Those who were born brunettes, redheads or with black sable hair can experience the life of a blonde with one of the many blonde hair dye options out there. And because there are so many blonde hair colors, even a natural blonde can experiment with different styles and try a new look with blonde hair extensions.

You can watch movies and television to catch some of the latest blonde haircuts and blonde hairstyles, but some of the more popular dos for blonde hair include shoulder length hair that is layered, long straight hair, and very short hair cut close to the scalp. One look that is popular regardless of the length is to leave a few strands of hair on either side of the face to hang loose, even if you have the rest of the hair cut or put up in a bun.

A lot of blondes are getting colored streaks and highlights to add some interest to their hairstyle. You can go with something more conservative by highlighting with natural hair colors such as light browns or darker blondes. But you can also try something a little more bold like strawberry red or you can even go crazy with pinks or purples.

Another popular hairstyle for blonde hair is to get the opposite of a highlight, which is blonde hair with black underneath. You can almost think of this as blonde hair with black highlights. Any stylist can give you the black highlights, but if you have experience coloring your hair, you can try it yourself.

So if you are a blonde, break out of the mold and try some fun alternatives to your hair style and color – via And if you are not a natural blonde, give the color a try and see if blonde’s really do have more fun.