French Nail Art Tips With Alfalfa Gel Art Collection

Alfalfa’s Gel Art French Tip Collection. Create the perfect French look with Alfalfa Nails Gel Art gel polish. The gels apply like nail polish but cure to create an enhancement that stays on nails for almost two weeks. Clients will love the high-gloss finish, and Gel Art also comes in a range of other colors. French nails art tips with Alfalfa gel collection. How to make perfect French nails design nail care tips. Gel Art French Tip Collection

french nails art with Alfalfa gel collection_2

1. Prep the nails by sanitizing hands, pushing back cuticles, shaping the nails, buffing with a buffing band, and wiping the nail with cotton and alcohol.

2. Apply Gel Art Base and cure for 30 seconds under a UV light.French Nails Art Tips With Alfalfa Gel Collection

3. Apply White onto the nail tip and seal the edges. Do not cure.

4. Hold a gel brush at a 90° angle and draw the smile line. Clean the brush with lint-free wipes and repeat if the smile line is not perfect. Cure for 60 seconds under a UV light.

5. Apply Gel Art New Again #14 on the entire nail. Do not cure.

6. Use a short hair gel brush to remove the pink gel only on the white tip area. This will make the white appear whiter and help you achieve a uniform thickness. Cure for 60 seconds under a UV light.

7. Apply Top Gel and cure for 30 seconds under a UV light. Wipe off the tacky residue with alcohol and a lint-free wipe.

8. To soak off, use Gel Art’s new Gel-Off clips. The clips fi t snugly around the nail tip and hold the acetone only on the nail bed to remove the gel polish without foil. One size fits all, and the clips are acetone-resistant and can be washed thoroughly.