Forever 21 Dresses Spring 2022

Forever 21 is one of the most popular US urban fashion brands which sells its already trendy collections both online and in hundreds of stores worldwide. The brand is a great choice for all those who want to keep up with the latest trends however have no sufficient funds to spend on clothes. The brand also has a great rande of accessories and it recently released its Plus Size collection which is becoming extremely sought after too. Let’s see what we can find in the new arrivals of Forever 21 when we are looking for dresses 2014.

First of all, we have good news for the fans of dresses: spring is here and dresses more popular than ever! No matter its about mini, maxi, strechy, hobo, oriental or simply elegant dresses, you can find all these in the latest collection of Forever 21. Let’s take a look at some of the most recent trends to look out for 2014 spring.

Floral All Over the Place

No matter they are big or small, flowery patterns are extremely trendy for this spring and they come in all size, shape and color, featured on both mini-semi- or maxi dresses. Buy your next favorite floral dress at Forever 21 which features an amazing collection of floral dresses.

The Stripes

Stripes are extremely popular to wear, although in limited amounts. Dresses featuring double or triple stripes in the middle or on the sides are very „in” this spring and the good news is, that these go very well for all those who look for a thinning effect.

Sporty Dresses

This year is all about wearing sportswear casually, therefore you will see lots of dresses which look like baseball or football shirts. Skater and ballerina dresses are also becoming overly hip to wear. While football or baseball shirts are featured mostly in black, the skate and ballerina dresses look their best in pastel colors.

Sweet Sixties

The geometric style Sixties minis are incredibly popular to wear this spring either as a casual wear or for work. These bell-shaped mini dresses are perfect to wear both as formal dresses or as casual wear.

Sexy Eighties

The stretchy mini dresses which were so popular in the Eighties are overly trendy to wear, especially in red or black colors. These sorts of dresses are just perfect to wear as cocktail dresses.

Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses have always been very popular for the fact that they are easy to wear and also they can look both stylish and casual when worn with the right accessories. Shirt dresses come back this spring too and they look their best in various shades of blue.

One-shoulders are Back

one-shouldered shirts and dresses were very „in” about ten years ago, yet they are back this spring and they can look incredibly cool for special occasions.

Maxi Dresses

maxi spring and summer dresses are really trendy in 2014, no matter they are stretchy or tight. The long side slits on maxi dresses are also very trendy this season, so get prepared to be sexy in maxi this year.

These are the basics for spring 2014 and the biggest deal about all these trends is, that it’s really a guarantee for everyone to find their best suitable style from among these. So, get prepared for the spring to arrive with the fun new dresses of Forever 21.