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Some basic points you should pay attention to your feet look good. Foot care in the first and most fundamental requirement to do pedicures. Pedicure, provides both the dead layer of cells as well as more well-groomed feet  excretion. Pedicure of the feet with calluses, cracks, nail problems such as failure to get rid of as soon as possible. You can also make yourself a pedicure salon. But you must follow the correct order.

Your feet in warm soapy water, then wait until the first half an hour. After the moisture, your feet skin dead. Repeat this process several times. Then push back with the tip of your nails .  gums carefully with the help of a tweezers or nail clippers. After forming törpüyle nails, and bright pink nail surface to take a look specifically developed for törpüleyin törpüyle. Then, the skin of your feet at the top of the feet to be smooth, exfoliating cream specially formulated for the crawl. Wash thoroughly after . nail polish or a gel, and then complete 
Dry, cracking and swelling of the feet is a good idea to do an occasional special care units. Here are a few suggestions: continuous swelling of feet are offended, herb baths available. For this, two liters of water a handful of chamomile and lemon peel to a boil and allow to cool. Let stand for half an hour or so feet in the water. Descending shafts, foot skin will come alive. Dry, scaly nails is for leaving, take advantage of purity. A few drops of lemon juice Mix equal quantities of pure glycerin. Apply this mixture in your fingernails every day. Vivid, bright, and no better way than for healthy nails.

Cold wax: Here’s another way of reaching the healthy and smooth feet! Soft and well cared for the feet of the special method name, the cold wax. First of all, peeling feet by applying a layer of dead cells is provided excretion. Then, by applying paraffin foot packaged and is pending on 20 minutes. Once opened, the cream being exiled. Then you get the feet such as cotton.
Stretch: The problem with very dry skin cracks, heel and soles of the feet are seen. after washing the feet, barefoot View, small as it occurs due to causes such as wear slippers.
 each stone after bathing to clear dead skin gently. Fracture zones, the content of vitamin E and jojoba oil frequently throughout the day in the foot. Cracks until it disappears, continuous wear socks and closed shoes.

Nasser: our feet all winter, boots, boots remained. Moreover, because of the small and the wrong choice of footwear consists of erections in some parts of the feet. Outdoor shoes and slippers to wear in the calloused feet would not be pleasant. Nasser does not give you much pain as possible to get rid of this problem to have a pedicure. But the problem is you are creates the best care and make a special splint. Meet comfortable writing. To avoid: lots of cream after each bath crawl. Choose a soft-skinned and broad-based shoes. Sold in pharmacies, and solution to small, use plaster.

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