2022 Fashion Trends For Women

This year, as often happens in fashion as it does in the rest of cultural development, the styles of twenty years ago are now, once again, the latest thing. Recycling some of the looks of the Nineties, here is a sample of some of the fashion trends for women we’ll be wearing in 2020.

Next-Level Block Heels

Block heels are making a comeback to give us a little lift in an otherwise comfortable yet stylish shoe. We’ll be seeing next-level block heels in a variety of styles, from the strap, to the lace-up, to more elegant varieties that buckle at the ankle. While the classic suede blocks heels will still be one of your staple, you can experiment with a variety of other materials such as plaids, leather and metallics.


Another exciting return is the shirt-dress, the all-in-one shirt and skirt, usually joined at the hips with a belt or elastic band. This versatile piece comes in a wide variety of styles to match casual and more dressy occasions, making it a welcome returning fashion trend for women who love retro options. The schoolgirl style combined shirt and skirt combo exemplifies the more casual end of the line, while the button down long sleeve dress shirt form with leather belt handles the more formal end of the range.

Chunky Platform Shoes

Your feet can embrace Nineties chic with the return of chunky platform shoes. Featuring almost and inch and a half sole on the heel and toe, these platforms can be found as sandals, slides and mules depending on your occasion. Whether you like black-studded leather sandals, floral patterned slides or leopard skin mules, your feet can look the the movie starlets of the late Nineties.

Long Vests

Although Madonna started young girls and women wearing vests in the Eighties, those vests got much longer in the Nineties. And now they’re back in the Twenty-Teens. Available in a range of lengths and materials, this returning fashion trend for women can be worn as a dress vest with your pantsuit, or as a loose layered chiffon accessory layered over your party outfit.

But it doesn’t end there. Pick up a few of your favorite Nineties films and set some of your own fashion trends for women. The Nineties trends are back. Embrace them and be your own fashion plate.