Facial Gymnastics

Facial gymnastics at home against wrinkles
Do you want to measure yourself at home against wrinkles?

Will take half an hour per day supervision of the facial skin wrinkles at home against face with the application, cosmetic surgery, make-up and conditioning treatment without the need to look young and beautiful as possible.

· Eye circumference: wrinkling and swelling around the eye is very convenient. Both temples hold your hand with the middle finger pointing and back and gently pull it open and close your eyes. Also, keep your eyebrows lift up the middle with your finger and see below. Repeat 10 times each 15 seconds a day this process R will decrease swelling and wrinkles.

· Cheek muscles: Relaxation and the line to avoid the “U” and “X” in the letters of eating too much again to be biting the apple cheeks and backwards, can stretch gymnastics on hold for 10 seconds. This movement is repeated 15 times in the day.

· Gerdan prolapse: further extend the neck and lower teeth and upper lips and let us  Repeat this process 15 times a day. Put your hand under the chin by making fists and push up the east. In doing so, at the same time also try to open your mouth. Push one side of your face by putting your head in your hands at the same time try to stand up against başınızla this push. After all this from the bottom up with your hands around your neck massage.

· Sagging neck: Lie on your back on the shoulders of the bed to the corner of the bed, drop down until your head slowly . Then head to be parallel to the ground slowly lift it up. Repeat this process once in the morning and evening 10 ar.

° flares Around: Turn your lips, they say that the letter, put your thumb under the nose, lip, starting from the middle finger and thumb  times as many as 10 in the massage.

· Forehead wrinkles: Pointing with your finger, pretending  the middle of a circle massage.

Warning: These movements need to be careful in not making the face and neck cream

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