Elie Saab Resort Bags

In the Winter 2012/2013, the bags have their big show. Decorated with shiny jewelry crystals, they act like small treasure chests, or even like jewels. If shiny would not fit so well to your wardrobe, do not worry: Elie Saab has really great collection of Resort bags. Glamour shows that all you the trends straight from the catwalk. Festive accessories need not be absolutely littered with sequins.

What to glamorous dresses and trouser suits must looks convincing on handbags as well. This opinion was designed by Elie Saab. The latter created black and Clutches Hobo Bags with floral 3D look – matching its dramatic collection of dark velvet, leather, fur and chiffon. He chooses portfolio pockets of blue-black velvet with flower structures.

There were high-format accessories in a handy version to admire. The models wore the little boxes with a metal buckle and a short handle on the catwalk. Color was referring to his collection and showed models in bright red, black and cognac. The bags were somewhat larger and less elongated. So the charming handles had square and got a frumpy chic. Although he joined cheerfully in their collections between square and oblong format bags, yet convinced with Granny bags for the upcoming season.

Photos via eliesaab.com