Easy Ideas For Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving is annual Holiday; sure it’s family time because all family have a dinner in thanksgiving day. The first thing we need in this Holiday, prepare the dinner and plan to send thanksgiving invitation cards for the friends.

Thanksgiving dinner ideas: the center piece in this Holiday dinner is Turkey, because thanksgiving not complete without Turkey recipes, like roast turkey, How to make a great taste of roasted Turkey? You need ½ cup of butter, one lemon juice, a head of garlic, one onion, salt and pepper and a big fresh Turkey. Step 2: Mix all in the mixer and rinse the turkey well and remove ant fat, dry the turkey, put inside the turkey lemons slices and onion and brush the outside with butter and mixture and rinse salt and pepper, and preheat the oven, leave it to roast and reserve it and enjoy, and make some favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

Second thing in Thanksgiving menu is sweets like cake, desserts and cookies; you can make funny cookies for thanksgiving, you can make it with pumpkin.

The second important thing in Thanksgiving Day is decorating your home and the table. Easy Thanksgiving decorating ideas: you can decorate your home with Thanksgiving theme with yourself by handmade crafts, make a turkey from paper and put it in your table. Thanksgiving table decorations, create beautiful centerpieces from Turkey crafts, and fill the vases with colorful fall roses, and add some candles, decorate anything in the table with warm fall colors. Thanksgiving activities for kids, plan fun activities for your kids, create Thanksgiving turkey and leaves and decorate the table.

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