Earth Day Crafts For Kids

Earth day is an annual event, people in all worldwide celebrate by it, and the first celebration by the Earth Day was in 1970. In this year we celebrate by this day in 22 April 2014, so I’d like to say Happy Earth Day! Now what are your activities in Earth Day? And how you preparing for Earth day celebration. The important thing you should help your children to know the importance of nature and how we should protect our Earth, in this day we should plane celebration with our kids and make them so happy.

Earth Day Activities, Buy local products, and try to learn to make healthy choices.

Make art contest for children of all ages to create their own art projects to the Earth day and garden celebration.

Cultivate Plants and took care of them, put their appropriate fertilizer, and aware of your children how to work the farms in order to make us watch the wonderful plants around us.

The important thing in the world our children so we suggest Earth day crafts for kids, your kids can to make it by them hands or you can surprise your kids by these crafts.

Fabric flower garden, make it by papers and using craft stickers or cut the papers in flowers shape and paint it, this craft is perfect for Earth day.

Plants magazine holder, draw on old book cover green plants, it’s very easy.

Draw hand print tree on white shirt for Earth day.

The famous craft in this day is globe shape, draw it or make it as a light.

Like any holiday in the year, also you can make Earth cupcakes and globe desserts for your children.

Which is your favorite craft? There are so many fun ideas to make it for your kids, pleas if you made any Earth Day crafts that you like to share, leave it in the comments. Happy Earth Day.