Dry Skin Makeup

Liquid powder instead of dry powder for dry skin, oily skin is dry stone powder to be used.
Your face is longer to round out your eyebrows should be slightly curved and medium fine.

Eye cream eye uncertain  wells.
End-to-eye with a bow from the drop-down should be in the form of . Apply mascara to light.
Blush on the cheek toward the nose gently to distribute.
Far gözkapağınızı plated. But right çıkmamalı eyebrows.
Your face is round raised eyebrows as a medium take up. Please look at the parallel queues .

Use plenty of mascara.
Apply this on the right cheek in terms of  eyes.
Your face is triangular eyebrows upward, curved and thick, take the middle.
May be a little more than make up the eyes.

Queues can significantly.

Apply plenty of mascara.
Distribute lots of blush on the cheekbones.
Take your eyebrows arched above the middle of your face is square.
Tails at an angle to draw a twinkle of an eye open.

Apply plenty of mascara.
Rouge can take down the eye toward the bottom.
More than cheek bones high and prominent in the half-moon shaped light-colored blush from the cheek bones, nose almost put it right.

Summer makeup;
During the summer, a strong moisturizing cream to use a good sunscreen.
If your hair color brown tones far, dark color, use the mascara. Prefer bright pink lipstick.
Do not do more than make up.

Manicure what you have to watch out before you: a half cup of lemon juice and mix with warm water. Keep your nails in water for five minutes u. Then, push back your nails with nails kurulayıp rasp. Rub your nails with lemon peel. Then polish your nails with a soft dry cloth.

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