Don’t Forget Mom – Mother of the Bride Dresses 2014

It is all too easy to get caught up with wedding planning focusing on the needs of the bride, and forget one of the most important people in the lucky girl’s wedding, let alone her life: the mother of the bride. Too often the person that has been standing behind the bride every step of the way is easy to take for granted. But the wedding is an opportunity to show how much this person means to you by how you present her at the ceremony. At present there are many dresses for mom of the bride 2014, these dresses are really amazing and very original.

The mother of the bride is one of the most important figures of the wedding, during the organization as to the maximum time to live that day full of happiness. So be sure to put her in an elegant mother bride dress that shows how much she means on the most important day of your marriage.

The bride’s mom should appear graceful and beautiful at the time of the ceremony, reflecting her experience in married life that she passes the torch to her daughter. The mother of bride dresses 2014 selection offers elegant dresses in both long and short styles to fit any mother’s personality.

The important thing is that the bride’s mother should feel comfortable, relaxed and she should like the dress. While the dress color depends on the wedding colors, these should all be considered while keeping in mind which colors work best for the bride and other ladies who will be wearing them. And you want to be sure to include the bride’s mother in these considerations.

A very important recommendation is that your evening dress necklines must not have very pronounced nor be very tight. Try to use solid colored dresses. A pink mother of bride dress will serve this purpose well as it matches a wide range of skin tones and offers a rosy aura around the lady wearing it.

It is highly recommended that you try not to use a beige dress or nude shades as they may be too similar to the color of the dress of the bride. Never use a white dress, as this is reserved for first time young brides. You want to use the color and style of the mother’s dress to emphasize the respect she has earned, even while you take into account her own tastes and preferences.

The mother of the bride should always choose a dress that highlights her elegance and discretion, opting to take advantage of her age to become the most radiant member of the party. Tea length mother of the bride dresses are perfect for making this impression, as well as being an excellent summer mother bride dress.

The bride’s mother may want to stick to colors like blue, salmon or even some gray or green. A 2014 Scala mother of bride dress in pastel, with some elegant embossing, embroidery or bows, will make your mother look radiant without overshadowing the star of the show, the bride.

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