DIY Halloween Decoration and Costume Ideas 2014

Halloween is just around the corner and all kids are eagerly awaiting for this sole occasion of the year when they can become a creature they want to be, they can hang out with their friends, run freely around the neighborhood and last but not least: get a whole lot of sweets. Preparing for Halloween is a great yet big task ahead. Therefore we thought to share some DIY ideas on how to make your family’s Halloween a fun and unforgettable event, without excessive need to buy everything.

DIY Halloween Home Decoration ideas

The key aspect of Halloween will always be the pumpkins. And these lovely pumpkins don’t just look great. They are made for you to become a child again: easy to carve and easy to mound, you can now make your own Halloween Pumpkin with just a spoon and with a knife or other cutting device. This is also a great fun for kids. Have them plan and make their own Halloween pumpkins and they will beautifully decorate your garden, entrance area or patio too. You can also unlace the colorful autumn leaves and create hanging decorations out of them. With the help of some drawing paper and color pencils or paint you and your kids can also make lots of fun drawings too. Place candle holders and lots of candles also inside the pumpkins. With the help of white thread you can also create some cobwebs too.

DIY Costume Tips for Kids

Ghost: there is simply nothing easier than being a ghost. All you need is a preferably old sheet, two holes for the eyes and some chains which is an alternative choice. If you are really out of ideas get your kids to become one.

Birds or other flying creatures with the help of a poncho.
If you have slightly used poncho you can easily transform that to become wings on a Halloween costume for kids of all age not to mention the fact every kids love the idea of flying and becoming flying creature.

Extra tip: get a wizard or a witch hat as they can also be transformed into a very good costume with the help of a black poncho

Scarecrow: another classic on the list of classic costumes, scarecrow needs a leftover hat which the family bought during a seaside holiday and never used it again and some worn clothes which you can work with for them to look even more used. For extra creativity you can also add a little bit of real hay or simply dry grass á la Wizard of Oz.

Fairy/princess: it is really out of question which sort of costume is all the little girls’ favorite: naturally it’s the costume of a fairy or a princess. We are representing these together as they are really alike and can also be intertwined with each other. Once you have a nice pink dress all you need is a magical wand and if possible also a pair of wings which can be easily produced with the help of some paper, pencils and glue. One can also become a Tooth Fairy in this sort of costume.

We hope these tips and ideas will provide you some help in your preparation for your kids to have a real funny ghostly Halloween. Image via