Decoration Ideas

Decorate-based reasons for the ideas of decoration more or less realistic does not necessarily require great skill in drawing and painting. In this project we propose a little trick to get a representation which requires no gray areas or prospects and that suggests the smooth chromatic harmony of the days of autumn.
This project supports all kinds of adaptations to space that has been decorating, starting with the number and size of leaves (more often and in greater quantity) and ending by color: red or more domain of the green as you want an atmosphere more or less warm.
Autumn Leaves
Colored photocopies

• Photocopies expanded
• Cutter
• Latex
• acrylic colors white, green and permanent siena toast
• synthetic hair brush
• Painting white plastic mate
• newsprint
• Cloth
• Tray or white palette of painter
The ideas of interior decoration
1 It’s important to have these ideas of decoration of a large number of photocopies of the leaves expanded to various sizes to choose the size and shape that best every time. In the case of sheets of very irregular form can simplify their profiles while the cut with the cutter.
It begins by hitting 2 sheets of larger distributed harmoniously across the wall then stick leaves children in the areas empty. After hitting each leaf is pressed on it with a clean cloth and dry.
Covering 3 each sheet with a latex brochazo prevents the occurrence of bags in the role during the process of painting is achieved and to adhere more firmly to the wall.
It is important to go alternating shades of red and green leaves of different sizes, not only to give the whole range of colors, but to suggest that some of the leaves “fall” closer and farther.
4 These are the three colors to be used to paint the leaves when they are completely dry. Can be distributed on a tray or a white painter’s palette. By varying the proportions of color, can be achieved multiple shades of red and green.
5 To achieve a realistic effect, painted the stem and nerves over each leaf with a color (reddish or greenish) darker, to clarify with water or with white set the tone for the rest of the surface.
The operation of painting and texturing with newsprint will be easier if you have the help of another person. While just a painting, the other immediately applied the sheet of paper.
6 The first color is a pink plastic composed of white matte painting and a quantity of the same siena used to paint the leaves. The color should have a consistency of light cream, smooth and very easy to implement.
7 Immediately after it painted an area the size of a sheet of paper, we apply it on the painted area, and we flattened the taps on it with your palms to create texture.
8 After having given the first layer textured with newsprint can be seen that some of the typeface has been transferred to the wall: this is normal and we are interested in the effect of adding texture. When the first application is dry, is still painting with the color green.
9 The operation of the textured green is exactly the same and also now may be trademarks of ink, if they are not too dirty, they will come to enrich our work.
No need to change continuously from the leaves of paper: a single piece can give the game a lot until it is steep and completely broken. If any area in the color is somewhat dense, can be given a second pass with the road newspaper

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