Decorating Ideas For Kids Rooms

Decorating Ideas For Kids Rooms
One of the fun of dressing room is a child, freedom of play of colors and motifs. Display too bright to make the residents happy. This time, with orange, let’s try to create a cheerful room! Large selection of themes that can be applied to the baby room. Not infrequently that apply a lot of color to describe the joy.
How to paint a room
Prepare – prime – base coat – painted finish – top coat.

– always work from the top down – paint and finish ceiling first

– repair and sand all surfaces to be painted – ceiling, walls, trim, doors and floor.

– prime all areas that have been repaired and any raw surface – wood or drywall.

– paint base coats and painted effect on walls

– paint trim and doors when walls are completely dry

– paint or stain the floor last.

But that does not mean applying a color theme can not make a cheerful room. For example a child’s room in this picture. Orange became a major theme setting. The result, see for yourself! The key was in the game motif. On a child’s room that already use many colors, usually no longer apply the many motives. Because, if you have many colors plus many motives as well, become too crowded. Well, the game motif can we apply on the use of one room with any color theme.

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