Daily Menu Of BABY NEEDS

egg yolks 2 tablespoons a day, a piece of meat, cottage cheese and yogurt would be sufficient. During this period the mother’s milk protein is still mainly provided or available formulas.

Breast milk or stock amount is sufficient for the baby. However, the transition to solid foods, cheese, yogurt, calcium-containing foods should be added, such as full.

GRAINS AND OTHER Complex carbohydrates:

Cup lentils, beans or peas puree or half a slice of brown bread are examples. This baby needs a service will be 2 times a day with food, vitamins, minerals, and meets the need for an amount of protein.

winter squash, potatoes, carrots, broccoli purees hasırlanmış a tiny bowl with half a cup of orange juice for vitamin A, vitamin C for a couple of tablespoons of apple or banana puree your baby’s menu for the other vitamins can be.

If your baby’s milk and full fat dairy products is largely sufficient . In addition, a vegetable soup or other food preparation to use oil (olive oil or butter) is also sufficient for daily needs.

Iron deficiency anemia due to iron-reinforced encounter any food for the baby, as well as egg yolk, molasses can.

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