Curtains 2013 – Spice Up Your Home This Year

All too often we forget about the curtains in our windows. Normally we find something nice that matches the room, hang them in the window and then get on with our lives. Often we can leave the same set of curtains in place for years without giving them a second thought. But one of the best ways to get a fresh look in a room without doing a whole of redecorating is to change your curtains.

You can breathe some fresh life into a room just by paying attention to your curtains colors. You don’t necessarily have to match your window curtains to the colors on the wall or floor. What’s important is to ensure that you coordinate the colors so that your drapes curtains look appropriate for the room. And your colors are heavily influenced by how much light your curtains let into the room. Sheer curtains such as silk curtains can make a huge difference in how bright and cheerful your room looks throughout the day.

Of course, you may prefer a little more privacy, or you might like a room that is more cool and somber. That is where a heavier curtain will come into play. These can come in a number of different forms. Burlap curtains are an excellent light-inhibiting window dressing, and they make great thermal curtains to keep your home insulated. This is also true of velvet curtains. You just want to make sure that if you do use a heavier curtain in your windows, that any plants you have in the room have an alternate form of light or you will want to move them to a more illuminated location.

But the den and living room aren’t the only places where you should be keeping in mind how old and dusty your curtain choices are becoming. The bathroom is an excellent place to express yourself through your drapery. Shower curtains and bath curtains are both used everyday and can make a big difference in how fresh your day feels. Like in the living room, you may want a brighter shower experience or a more cozy relaxing bath without much illumination. Your bath or shower curtain makes all the difference here.

You can even make a splash in your bedroom with bed curtains that help to give you a better nights sleep by blocking out the noise of the rest of the house. These come in an assortment of styles, including the time-honored chevron curtains that will give your bedroom a classic look and feel.

There are no hard and fast rules about which curtains are best for the wide range of uses. But changing your oft-forgotten curtains can lend a fresh start to a home that is starting to feel old without even spending a lot of money for redecorating. So why not try a curtain upgrade today?

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