Christmas Party Ideas 2013-2014

Caroling Karaoke Christmas Party

This is a tradition all over the world. In many cultures it appears in different forms and means different things to different people. In the vastly popularized television culture, we know Christmas serenading as caroling. You may not be an enthusiast of spontaneous carolers pounding on your door during the holidays, but we all know the fun and enjoyment to be had, if you decide to join the festivities.

Gift Exchange/ Christmas Angel Party

Tradition during the holidays is always quite fun. Who doesn’t like the surprise of a nice gift, not knowing what to expect always heightens the anticipation. Why not invite your friends to come over with a beverage and gift contribution? Invite a few of them, let each one bring an item to contribute to the party so you won’t have to bare all the cost. Relax, eat, drink, and listen to the music and when the time is high, exchange gifts. This is especially a good idea for end of term school Christmas parties.

Costume Party

Yes it is not Halloween! But that does not mean you can’t dress up in those lovely Christmas colors. Red and White, Green and Red, White and Gold, these are all traditionally beautiful Christmas colors and it won’t hurt to dressed up, all decked out in these merry colors for the holidays. Parties goers have so many options from which to choose. Dress up like an elf, Santa Clause, a sexy Santa helper or the Grinch who stole Christmas. The options are innumerable.

Christmas Fundraiser

Christmas is the time of giving, the time to help the helpless, to time to lend a hand to those in need and the time to adopt the spirit of selfless caring for the god of mankind. There are so many less fortunate persons who most like would spend their time wondering and wishing what it would be like to get a gift for Christmas; what it would be like to sit around a Christmas tree and open up a present. Conversely, there are so many persons on the street who won’t get a warm plate of food for the entire holidays and would have to resort out of eating from the garbage that families and business throw out. It will do no harm to have a fund raiser even in aid of those most in need of some form of mercy during this Christmas season. Set up a family day toy drive to collect toys for Children in an orphanage, or host a wonderful party and collect contributions from the guests, money and pledges that would go towards helping the less fortunate. Christmas is arguably the best time for these type of parties. It is the only time of the year unconcerned members of the public might pay a hint of attention to occasions like these. So bring out the good in people and the kindness of their heart this season. It is a party with a purpose, and the patrons will have the time of their life for a more than noble cause!