Christmas Nail Art Design Ideas

Christmas is fast approaching and you need a miraculous manicure to revamp your cuticles. If you need nail art inspiration, there are so many ideas from which to choose. 2013 has been the inspiration for all types of nail design from pointed nails, to multi-colored claws, 2013 was the year to do it all. If you are looking for further inspiration, here are a few to get the ball rolling. Christmas nail art design ideas 2013-2014.

Leopard print nails

Get wild with this design. It will bring out the adventure in your spirit as leopard print has been one of those timeless style options for decades. The prints can be done in multiple colors such as the normal brown tones, to blues, pinks as well as neon to add pizzazz to the design. If you don’t have time to sit and let your nail tech airbrush the work onto your nails, you will be excited to learn that these designs also come in adhesives that can be applied in a quick 5 minute installation. A great leopard print Christmas nail design fashion would be green, red and gold.

Two-color manicure

If you want a brilliant yet clean and stylish look, you don’t have to go outrageously colorful or lengthy to achieve this look. Choose two of your favorite colors and apply a clear base coat to your nail bed for protection. Next, you should take the first color and apply to your nail smoothly then leave it to dry. You should repeat this process on both hands to achieve aesthetical symmetry. When the both hands are totally dried, apply the second color to the tip of the nail to achieve the two-color effect. You can be creative in choosing your colors. A great nail art design particularly for the Christmas season would be green-red or white-red.

Jewel encrusted nails

You can be the envy of your girlfriends with this fantastic look. Make your nail a muse of color by adding costume jewelry to your nail polish to give a textured finish. This always looks great where a distinctive pattern can be seen. All you simply need to do is use nail adhesive to apply a few of the metallic jewel studs over matte finished nails. You can use any base color and finish off by glazing a glossed finished over the nail design.


If you are not exactly the type to go all out with your choice of nail polish, you can always choose just one Christmas color that suits you. You can choose a glossy Christmas red or green to be in the spirit of the season. Red always looks classy and elegant on well-manicured fingers

Stripes and Patterns

Tired of tipping your tips? Well you don’t have to tip when you can create stripes in the opposite direction on your nails. There is no doubt that tips will always be a feature of nail design, however, add a zany flavor and let your manicurists do diagonal stripes, painted in contrasting colors. You can choose to add a matte color and invert with a metallic strip or paint the nail bed in a metallic color and invert with a metallic stripe, either way, it will look fabulous.