Christmas Makeup Ideas

There is a reason we adorn almost everything during the Christmas holiday: These decorations appeal to our sense of site and make us realize just how wonderful is this thing called beauty. When we adorn ourselves with makeup and highlights, we try to appeal to the inner beauty within us. Christmas in particular is a time when all matters of experiments are done with make up to create different ideas of beauty. Here are some make up tips to match your style and appeal to your notion of beauty through make up.

Enhance your brows

Your eyebrows are central in framing your face. You should always ensure you groom your eyebrows, which includes combing and evening them to a symmetrical shape and width that suits your face. A brow pencil goes a long way in emphasizing your brows if you use a pencil that matches the true color of your brow. You should ensure you don’t go to dark if your brows are light and vice versa.


Shimmer is used to highlight your eye makeup on your cheek bones, the inner corners of your eye, below your eyebrow or your eyelids. You may want to pay attention to the color of your skin before you select a shimmer that is right for you.


The cardinal rule for most women is that they never leave home without a sweep of eyeliner on their bottom eyelids. However, be more creative for Christmas and sweep some deeply colored eyeliners over your top eyelids to create a dramatic effect. There are so many shapes that can be created with this look, such as the cat eyes. The best color for liner is black most of the time, which always makes a boldly sophisticated elegant statement. Angelina Jolie is an example of how this make up tip works.


For Christmas, your make up should be a bold red or a deep mauve to create full dramatic lips which should be glazed over with a shimmering gloss.


Get those cheeks rosy red or pink for this festive season, every woman should have a potent pigment of blush in her make up stashed away. These raise your cheeks and works wonders to bring your face alive, giving it that feminine glow.

Eye Shadow

Here is a great idea of experimentation for the Christmas season! Why not take your grey eye shadow and fuse it with gold, purple, red or other colors? This will create a whole new multi-textured look that no one else at the party has. Contain the shadow between the crease of your eyes and the lid for maximum effect. You can also use metallic eye shadow as an option.

Dramatic lashes

Get eyelash extensions to raise the look of your eyes. No need to go overboard with this now. A few natural single lashes that blend in with your natural lashes to give you a full more rounded look is enough to do the job of creating those dreamy eyes.