Christmas Crafts ideas Joy Pillow

Christmas crafts, Add Christmas comfort and joy with a charming stenciled pillow made from burlap and spray paint. The brigt red message pops against the white wing chair. 


Christmas Crafts ideas Joy Pillow
  1. 3/4 yard natural burlap
  2. Chipboard letters
  3. Spray adhesive
  4. Tomato-red spray paint
  5. Matching thread
  6. Sewing needle
  7. Sewing machine, if desired
  8. 20-inch pillow from


Cut two pieces of burlap 22 inches wide. Choose letters to spell your message and center them on one burlap square, playing with placement until you are satisfied with the arrangement. Working over newspaper and in a well-ventilated area, spray the backs of the chipboard letters with spray adhesive and replace them on the burlap. Spray the entire piece of burlap with spray paint. Let dry completely, then remove letters With right sides together, sew the two pieces of burlap together with a running stitch, leaving an opening to insert the pillow form. Once inserted, Close the opening with a hard stitch.