Christmas Crafts ideas Flights of Fancy Bird Ornaments

Christmas Crafts, Flights of fancy. Use our pattern to create a flock of birds to decorate a tree. Cut out book pages and patterned paper pieces for the body and tail; adhere with glue and attach a piece of twine with another dab of glue for hanging.

Christmas Crafts ideas, Flights of fancy Bird Ornaments.

MaterialsChristmas Crafts ideas Flights of Fancy Bird Ornaments

  1.  Bird Pattern
  2. Solid-Color Cardstock
  3. Patterned Cardstock
  4. Old paperback book
  5. Glue stick
  6. String


Christmas Crafts ideas Flights of Fancy Bird OrnamentsCut out bird pattern. With a pencil, trace bird shape onto solid cardstock and wings onto patterned cardstock and cut out. Remove pages from old paperback. Trace bird and wing shapes onto page and cut out. Glue paperback shapes to matching cardstock shapes; let dry. Trim edges if necessary. Accordion-fold a paperback page, then fold in half to create the bird tail. Glue in place and let dry. Fold wings in half, cut a small slit in the center of the bird, and slide the wings into the slit. Glue into place. Make hanging loop with string and glue to the inside of the wings.