Christmas Cocktails

It’s the end of the year and time to say welcome to the New Year, and say to Merry Christmas for our friends. The wonderful thing about this popular festival is the Christmas party, and meeting friends and family, and preparing Christmas sweets Christmas cookies, cupcakes, desserts and cocktail drinks.

Here we will talking about Christmas cocktail drinks, there are many people make it at home by mixed drinks or choosing a new taste for cocktail drinks. Christmas cocktail drinks are an interesting thing on the table of New Year’s Holiday party. We selected best mixed drinks for Christmas Cocktail recipes, choose from these Christmas drink recipes, and make your new year’s party spirits bright.

Christmas punch cocktail recipe: This one’s for the party people, dating back over 300 years, it encompasses dozens of fruity friendly, big batch cocktails. They are make ahead, help yourself affairs, great for serving at get together. Classics include punches made with bourbon and sweet tea or rum and tropical fruit juice. punch cocktail drink is best  mixed drinks for Christmas.

Bourbon and Peach Sweet Tea Punch cocktail drink recipe:

4 cups sweetened ice tea

3 cups bourbon

2 cups bottled peach nectar

1 cup fresh lemon juice

Fresh or frozen sliced peaches In pitcher, combine tea, bourbon, peach nectar and lemon juice. Add peach slices. Pink Grapefruit and Basil Mojito

Blood Orange Negroni Punch Cocktail recipe:

2 lemons, peels zested for lemon twists, lemons reserved for another use

2 cups fresh blood orange juice, plus

1 blood orange, thinly sliced into wheels for garnishing

1 cup Campari

1 cup gin

1/4 cup sweet vermouth

6 cups club soda, chilled

Step 1 Make the ice block: Fill a round plastic container (in a size that will fit your punch bowl) three-quarters full with water; add the lemon twists and freeze until solid, about 6 hours or overnight.

Step 2 in a punch bowl; stir together the blood orange juice, Campari, gin and vermouth. Add the ice block and club soda. Float the blood orange wheels on top around the ice.

Mocktai cocktail recipe:

2 large fresh basil leaves ice, ruby red grapefruit juice seltzer directions In Collins or juice glass, use muddler or tip of wooden spoon to lightly crush basil leaves. Fill glass with ice. Pour in juice to fill glass three-quarters of the way; top with seltzer. Serve with a straw. These delicious and easy Christmas cocktail recipes from Rachael ray

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