Cat Eye Makeup

A lot of makeup and liked her style cat eye makeup. Adds to the charm and mystery in the eyes of a gorgeous how-to makeup cat eye?
Easier than you think to have the eyes like the eyes of cats. The following tips will help you to have a black color, dramatic cat eyes. For a simpler look for eye makeup, gray, dark khaki color and the colors of wine may be preferred.

Cat Eye Makeup

Attractive cat eye makeup you need to ..

Black eyeliner. The importance of the tip is pointed.
Black eye pencil-brush. More useful for fine brush.
Far brush. Easier to use if the short and plump.
Dark headlight. Matte or bright light shine products should be preferred instead.

 Avoid products that very brightness.
Pencil for eyebrows. Please select the closest color in brow color.
Lash scissors.
Black mascara. Select a quality product to avoid lumps studies.

Cat’s Eye Make Up Step By Step

Black-eye on the eyelid from the inside out using a fine pen, put a line.

Ies on the line you draw using a brush apply the dark beam. Please note that the edges of the overflow of yeast.

Then, just above the lash with a brush pen in the form of liquid penetration. This can take the line as thick as you want, but please note that the line is fine inside.
Apply a coat to fix the edges than the headlight.

The edges of the shadow and eye pencil that is mixed driving and pull it out. Then, under the white or light colored nail polish Apply brows.
Use a pencil to highlight the curves of your eyebrows.