Cardboard Prom Dress by Maura Pozek

Cardboard prom dress is this really true! Yes Maura Pozek has made unusual prom dress from “corrugated cardboard, hot glue, tacky glue, spray paint, brown shopping bags, and, glitter”. The 17-year-old tells NPR that it took “lots of hot glue” and some late nights to make the dress work. All cardboard prom dress design from her mind and she has run into difficulty with cardboard which led her to use of paper bags at the last minute with the cardboard.

Pozek had a lot of plan to do and as she tells NPR that fashion design is still an option. She is really a talent the cardboard prom dress featuring various colors tone that perfectly suit the season and the design are perfect for who is looking for a new stylish look! Hoping see a wonderful dresses made by Maura Pozek in the future…enjoying

Cardboard Prom Dress by Maura Pozek Cardboard Prom Dress by Maura Pozek