The Bridal Shoes

The Bridal Shoes

To prepare the bridal shoes what would you wear when going to a wedding of course, need extra attention.
Bridal shoes play an important role that paved the way rituals. In addition to beautiful and good shoes should also be comfortable in the foot. So you and your partner will not slip as you walk to the altar.

Actually bridal shoes in addition to affecting the appearance of the user, can also be as a symbol of fidelity in love.
Along with the development of fashion trends, shoe design continues to grow. Many models to choose from. Starting a high-heeled shoes to eligible flat. Likewise, the color of a variety of colors and motifs. Likewise with materials, there is made of leather with a combination of linen or lace that in accompanied with the application of crystals, and bersiluet classical or modern, you can also customize to your taste.
When you want to choose your bridal shoes and have great legs, then you should avoid shoes with an accent or a decorative strap (sling back or a gladiator-style shoes), because it will only highlight your ankle area.


In terms of color it is best to avoid too bridal shoes with a contrasting color or bright color like red or yellow because it will make your legs look shorter and bigger. bridal shoes that are white or beige would be better. As for choosing the form, then better to choose a shoe pump or closed, as it is to cover your ankle area.

And those who have large calves, then you should choose a sling back bridal shoes or strappy shoes. Where this model will highlight the bottom of the foot, especially the ankle. But quite the contrary avoid pump shoes because it will make your legs look sunk.                                  

Sometimes the use of tape or rope on bridal shoes also can help create the impression of the foot and calf are more visible in balance. As for the ideal foot shape, then you should wear shoes that are shaped anything. You just align with the shape and color of wedding dresses.

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